Neil Flynn

Ph: 780-424-1024

Employment History

Codefly Software Inc.

June 2005 – Current

Bioware Corp.

-       Maintained and extended existing Maya and 3DS Max scripts

-       Designed and implemented new Maya import plug ins

-       Extended existing toolset to support new game enhancements

-       Improved art content pipeline to allow easier artist work flow

-       Set up art render farm

-       Set up a SQL Server database which held all the designer data for a project

-       Created in-game eCommerce communication

-       Designed a system to convert raw data logging to useable information using minimal time and storage

-       Designed and implemented the Facebook integration for a social game

-       Implemented backend database and scripts for logging, error reporting and all social aspects


Electronic Arts

-       Design and implement a web browser based massively muliplayer game engine in php and MySQL.


M3 Technologies / TransAlta

-       Restructured daily data collection into an online database for easy input, display and study

-       Managed 3rd party system integration for employee and productivity data


NovAtel Inc.

-       Added new functionality to existing handheld program

-       Created new export formats for GPS data

-       Investigated new algorithms for streaming topographic data

-       Design and implement an online system for client device management

-       Used embedded Visual C++, COM, Windows CE API, MFC

-       Designed and implemented an automated testing suite

-       Used Java, JDBC


X1 Technologies Inc.

-       Extended existing code to support UTF-8 text

-       Created a test suite for the new functionality



-       Created data gathering perl scripts

-       Updated and redesigned server code for scalability

-       Managed commerce transactions through php scripts

-       Designed and implemented a customer database and website communication with it


BioWare Corp.

Feb 2001 – May 2005

Assistant Lead Programmer, Mass Effect

-       Helped schedule the daily tasks of a large team of 20+ programmers

-       Documented and designed an effect system

-       Lead the programming effort involved in several game demos, interfacing with all major team leads and resolving scheduling conflicts with non-demo related tasks

Senior Programmer, Jade Empire

-       Lead a team of 6 programmers responsible for various aspects of the game

·         The game’s automated build process

·         The GUI system

·         The animation control system

-       Scheduled tasks and did code reviews for the team

-       Gave performance reviews of the team

-       Coordinated with all departments to adapt the build process for any changes or updates in game resources

-       Wrote the code for several visual effects

Lead Tools Programmer, Neverwinter Nights Expansion 1

-       Maintained existing NWN toolset

-       Designed and created improvements such as the Plot Editor

-       Communicated with the large NWN community through message boards and in-person focus testing

-       Wrote script editor

Senior Tools Programmer, Neverwinter Nights

-       Designed and created several editors for the original NWN toolset such as the conversation editor

-       Maintained and extended most of the NWN toolset editors


NovAtel Inc. / Point Inc.

Jan 1997 – Jan 2001

Windows Programmer / Senior Programmer

-       Shipped several versions of the desktop suite of tools accompanying the GPS systems

-       Extended all of the programs in the suite

-       Wrote the graphics library used on both the desktop and handheld versions

-       Wrote the program’s security and remote activation algorithms

-       Wrote install scripts using Installshield

-       Maintained Perl automated build system